Thursday, November 27, 2008

What are you reading?

What are you reading at the moment - or what do you hope to read over summer? 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Watch this space

Kia ora!

Welcome to the (all-new) Hikanos blogspace. Although this blog is designed as a platform for the exchange of ideas, resources and thoughts for the community of Bishopdale Theological College, and beyond that to offer an extended-ministry to the Anglican Diocese of Nelson, it is a public blog and welcome to all.

I am especially hopeful that a number of my good friends from Adelaide and elsewhere will tune in and feel free to jump in and join the conversations. 

Hikanos is the transliteration of a Greek word, meaning 'sufficiency' or 'capacity' to do something. It is the word used to described the sense of inadequacy of Moses when called by God to lead his people out of Egypt ("Great idea God - one small problem... you've got the wrong person - try someone else" - slight paraphrase here!). The apostle Paul had a similar feeling of inadequacy in reflecting on his call to be an apostle. But in both cases, personal ability and gifts are not the point, and indeed can hinder the power of God to work through us. In Paul's words, "our competency is from God" (2 Cor. 3:5). It is in that spirit that we share thoughts and insights on this blogspace.

It is not our intention to cover news items or make comment on developments in the wider Christian community - many other blogs do that well (see especially the blog by my BTC colleague Peter Carrell 'Anglican Down Under').

This blog is primarily about re-claiming 'theology'. For all too long that has been relegated to academic 'specialists' - who - wonderful tho' they are ;-)   don't have any particular monopoly on theology.

Theology - talking 'God-stuff' - at its best, is incredibly exciting! To enter deeper into the things of God, with minds enlightened by Word and Spirit, with imaginations stretched to the limits, in bonding together heaven and earth, past, present and future -indeed, the transformation of everything that makes us who we are into nothing less than a whole new creation - it is what Life is about.

So this blog comes as an invitation to join the discussion. As my friends at St. Matt's and St Bart's (Kensington-Norwood, Sth Aust) will hopefully recall - it's all abut the 'U-shaped' circle - a circle that is mindful of allowing space for others to join.

Regard this as a 'virtual' huddle over a cup of coffee [or insert preferred beverage here] and let your heart, mind and imagination off the leash (that sets a good standard of mixing metaphors - I think Paul would approve!).

First up (when I get a chance) will be some thought's on Tom Wright's book Surprised by Hope. I think Wright has significantly changed his predominant paradigm from his previous 'return from exile' motif, to something much more far-reaching - but more of that anon.

Feel free to sign up. I'll work on some expectations re. posting comments and (potentially) posts in the near future.